Vacant Property Services

Vacant Property Services

Camelot Europe is the leading, international Vacant Property Service Operators offering a wide range of management and vacant property security services to clients across the public and private sectors. Camelot are trusted specialists in; securing, managing and developing vacant commercial and residential property.

Vacant Property Services range from:

  • Electronic security installation
  • Property Guardians
  • Full facilities management packages
  • On-site locations administration

With reaching over 25 years of experience specialising in vacant property services Camelot now offers a total package of management, security and development to thousands of international clients across all 7 countries. From the management of international property portfolios to security services for private landlords and owners, Camelot delivers a bespoke solution designed with quality and value for money in mind.

Camelot Guardians

Find affordable Camelot living spaces nationwide from as little as £60 per week all bills included. Join thousands of professionals and key workers who have chosen Property Guardianship as a cheaper, more social and exciting alternative to privately renting a room.

Search hundreds of locations across the UK and get your application started today. 

Live-In Guardianship offers you the opportunity to occupy a living space in a wide variety of buildings that would otherwise be empty.

Becoming a Camelot Guardian appeals to young professionals, keyworkers and artists looking for affordable accommodation, who do not want to sacrifice on space or location.

Why choose Camelot?

  • Over 25 years’ experience in Vacant Property Management & Services
  • A team of dedicated experts focused on helping you run more efficient and effective businesses
  • A highly trained and qualified team certified to secure vacant properties. 
  • Nationwide service run from our 3 dedicated offices across the UK
  • Value for money security and management solutions designed with the client in mind
  • Independently accredited and certified to assure quality and innovation




Keep your property safe with our SIA licensed security service

Camelot offers an extensive range of physical and electronic security solutions and associated services to help protect your company from crime and the other risks associated with vacancy.
  • Wireless CCTV Systems
  • Mobile Surveillance
  • VOID Alarm Systems
  • Day & Night watch
  • Manned Guarding
  • Key Holding
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